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These are the Apps you will need below in order to have passive income . You can tap on the boxes, It will take you to the set up page or Google play store or the Apple store.

BLOCKCHAIN for Android- Verify your email and saved the 1st email you have in a safe spot or folder in your email you may need a later in life! You will need to back up your 12 words phase, you need to hand print these one in a down line 1 -12 write your pin and password down as will keep in safe under lock and key in a fireproof safe, if you lose this you loss your assets, and cant recover if you change phone lose your phone or screen brakes on you or phone crashes on you!
If not in the USA you need to download this - Paxful lets you buy and sell bitcoin with your choice of over 300 payment methods. You can :Buy or sell bitcoin with Amazon gift cards, iTunes gift cards or Steam gift cards Buy or sell bitcoin with debit or credit cards Buy or sell bitcoin with cash deposits Buy or sell bitcoin with PayPal, Stripe or Skrill
CASH APP- In order to buy Bitcoin in the United States you will need to (hit this box) it will take to to Download Cash app. You will need to link a card you will be buying your Bitcoin with. This can take up to 3 days to withdraw your money, after Verifying your ID in order to do this you need to hit the house at the bottom left hand corner, then tap on Bitcoin, then Enable withdraw and deposits, then you will take pictures of your ID Driver's License
CRYPTO CARD- This is the card you will need to be able spend your Bitcoin with.
Bitpay is a another type of Visa card to spend your earnings easily
ZOOM Cloud Meetings- There have different zoom call very night for all the opportunity
WhatsApp Messenger

IPHONE APP tap on the boxes will take u too the app for downloading and set up 

Blockchain Wallet
If not in USA use - Paxful
Cash app please read above for this one
ZOOM Cloud Meetings- There have different zoom call very night for all the opportunity